Schools and Community Groups

Every year Feed the Hungry UK have the pleasure of working with schools and other community organisations across the country to teach young people about the effects of poverty and what can be done to help. This year during Make May Matter 2018 we are encouraging schools and other community groups to fundraise in order to provide regular school meals to children in Kenya. 

Rachel Bird, our Volunteer & Schools Co-ordinator, recently visiting schools in Kibera, Kenya and tell us why fundraising during Make May Matter 2018 is so important:
The children that attend Soweto academy in Kibera, Kenya live in the biggest urban slum in Africa. Living conditions are hostile and adults live on less than 1 dollar a day. Yet at Soweto Academy they believe knowledge is power and that an educated student can help transform their world and their community. The Feed the Hungry meals served daily at the school are significant in seeing this achieved.  These meals are helping  empower the children. More children are attending school and improving in their grades because of the meals. As the Children line up for their meal they are full of smiles. They know this is is their life line and they are grateful for it.

Some ideas for fundraising:
1. Non-uniform day. An easy but effective way to raise money for schooled aged children in Kenya. Request £1 from each person who comes dressed in non uniform.

2. A sponsored walk. Perhaps you’d like to do this as part of your PE lessons or as a school wide fitness initiative. Print out our handy sponsorship forms and give one to each child to take home and ask for support.

3. Bake May Matter. Host a cake sale in school time or at the beginning and end of school. Parents are always generous when cake is involved.

4. Host a talent show and give the money from ticket sales to Feed the Hungry UK.

5. Write letters to children in Kenya as part of your lesson / session. Each child writing a letter donates £4 and we will send the notes out with our next container of food. £4 will feed a child in Kenya for ONE month and they love to hear from the people helping them.

Of course, you may have ideas of your own- BRILLIANT. Go for it, but make sure you tell us about your event so we can support you. Sign up to Make May Matter by clicking here.