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"The easiest way
to introduce
World Mission
to your church..."

Rev. Dr. Hugh Osgood, Churches Together England

What is Hand To Hand?

How does Food Packing work?

Hand to Hand is a Church-based, community-focused food packing event, which can be run in your own church or venue.

It's a great way to engage your Church family with practical social justice, as well as developing fellowship and drawing in your local community.

Packing food not only creates an end-resource which is sent by Feed The Hungry to help some of the poorest children around the world, but creates a space to chat and work together as a church family to practically help others.

Food packing is very simple; teams of volunteers work together on a food production line to bag, weigh, seal and box packets of dried food. A team of 60 volunteers could pack 10,000 meals within the space of a couple of hours.

In the United States and elsewhere in Europe, food packing is fairly well known. In 2017, over 300 million meals were packed in the USA and sent overseas. In the UK, food packing is relatively new, although is becoming more common, especially in the corporate sector.

Feed The Hungry takes food packing and makes it relevant for churches. We bring all of the equipment, food and a team of people to run the event at your venue. We'll work with you each step of the way to help you to organize the event, providing resources to help to fundraise and encourage volunteers to take part.

Where does the food go?

The Practicalities

Picking a Venue

Food packing can take place almost anyway.
However, there are a few factors which will need to be considered...
  • the size of the venue (is it big enough for all of the volunteers and equipment?)
  • the access (can we get the food and equipment in and out of the venue - are there any stairs or narrow doorways?)
  • the amenities (are there electrical sockets and clean water nearby?)
  • and the logistics (is there parking nearby and how close to the venue can a van be unloaded and loaded?)
A site visit by one of our team will usually be necessary before the suitability of the venue can be confirmed.

Raising Money

There is a cost to running a food packing event; the rice, soya, lentils and micronutrients all have a cost to them, as well as the bags, boxes, labels and transport.

We try to keep the cost of putting on a food packing event to as low as possible. For Hand To Hand events, this is calculated at 19.5p per meal packed, which is significantly lower than the industry standard of 30p to 35p per meal. For example, a 5000 meal Hand To Hand packing event would cost £975.

There is a minimum number of meals that need to be packed at a single event, although this varies by location. Please get in touch for details.

Sometimes, working out how to pay for a food packing event can be daunting. Our team can help with ideas on how to fund an event.

Finding Volunteers

In order for a food packing event to go ahead, there'll need to be a team of willing volunteers. The number of volunteers needed will depend on the number of meals to be packed. As a rough guideline...
  • 5000 meals will require
    about 20 to 30 volunteers
  • 10000 meals will require
    about 40 to 50 volunteers
  • 20000 meals will require
    about 70 to 80 volunteers
We'll work with you to decide what would be a practical target for the size of the venue and number of volunteers who might like to take part.

The Next Step...

To find out more about food packing in churches, call Feed The Hungry on 01455 618 455 or e-mail