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What is Hand to Hand?

What is 'Hand to Hand'?

Hand to Hand is a Church-based and community-focused foodpacking event. It's a great way to engage your church with practical social justice around the world, as well as developing fellowship and drawing in your local community.

Food packing is very simple and creates an end-resource which is sent by Feed The Hungry to help some of the poorest children around the world.

In the United States and elsewhere in Europe, foodpacking is fairly well known. In 2017, over 300 million meals were packed in the USA and sent overseas.

In the UK, foodpacking is relatively new, although is becoming more common, especially in the corporate sector. Feed The Hungry takes foodpacking and makes it relevant for churches.

To find out more about foodpacking in churches, call 01455 618 455 or e-mail
"Holding a food packing event at Christ Church was an excellent way to invite our youth group and members of the local community to join us for a fun evening at church doing something really worthwhile. We shared pizza together, made up teams to pack the food packages and enjoyed the challenge of packing 10,000 packs all framed with prayer and worship."

The Revd Margaret Cave
Team Rector, East Greenwich Team, Diocese of Southwark
Church of England

Feed the Hungry UK Food Packing is one of the most innovative ways to invite people into the life of the church, whilst at the same time blessing people in areas of great need with the gift of food.

Invitation to this day event at a local church leads to working next to your neighbour, family member or work colleague and in serving God we are blessed as we change people's lives."

Michael Harvey
Chief Executive National Weekend of Invitation

The Cost of Food Packing

There is a cost to running a food packing event; the rice, soya, lentils and microneutrients all have a cost to them, as well as the bags, boxes, labels and transport.

We try to keep the cost of putting on a food packing event to as low as possible. For Hand to Hand events, this is calculated at 19.5p per meal packed, which is significantly lower than the industry standard of 30p to 35p per meal. There is a minimum number of meals that need to be packed at a single event, although this varies by location. Please get in touch for details.

Sometimes, working out how to pay for a food packing event can be daunting. Our team can help with ideas on how to fund an event.

From Your Hand To Their Hand

To find out more about foodpacking in churches, call Feed The Hungry on 01455 618 455 or e-mail